Dunedin Opportunities – September 2013

Matthew Taylor, 3 September 2013

Hey Everyone!

Hope you have had an amazing break. Law For Change has some exciting opportunities available for keen students. You are the students who signed up for either submission writing or LawSpot this year and we were wondering whether you are still keen to be involved.

  • Submission Writing: We would like to get together a bunch of keen students to create a submissions writing group. This would involve coordinating with community groups on relevant topics and developing and submitting to parliament the work done by the group.
  • Want to get started now? If anyone has a particular interest in women’s rights, there is the National Council of Women 4th September (This Wednesday) at 7.30pm at the Salvation Army Rooms. We have a contact Jean Park who would love to have interested people come along to hear about what they are all about. I will be attending and anyone who is keen is welcome to come along.
  • LawSpot: We would also like to have a group of students who are interested in getting LawSpot off the ground in Dunedin. This would involve coordinating with the Wellington group, local law firms, negotiating MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) and the possibility of also negotiating with local law firms a role for students in organizing and draft answering the questions.

These are some really awesome opportunities which will get you involved with current events, local law firms and the community. Not only will it look great on your CV but it will also be an important step toward gaining confidence and knowledge about the professional world. Find your passion and get involved!

If you are interested in either group we are going to have a meeting on Thursday 5th September 5pm in the Link. If anyone is unable to make it to the meeting but still keen to be involved please email me (See: Dunedin Contact).