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General Resources (International Bro Bono group) (provides information for and about nonprofits, including volunteer, internship and job opportunities) (includes a comprehensive listing of summer grant and fellowship resources) (comprehensive public interest website (US focus), designed to helps law students locate opportunities with public interest organizations, government agencies, judges, and private firms with public interest or significant pro bono practices)

Univ of Toronto; Careers in Public Interest Law;

Interaction;  (listing Public Interest/Nonprofit Print Resources)

International Public Interest Law

Frequently Asked Questions about Planning for a Career in International Public Service;

Entering the Profession of International Public Interest Law;

Lifestyles and International Work;

International Job Search Sites;

Government International Work

Government International Work;

Types of International Work in Government;

Commencing Your International Search in Government;

Narratives about Working in Governmental Settings;

International Public Interest Work in U.S. and Foreign Governments;

Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs)

Intergovernmental Organisations;

Types of IGOs;

Narratives About Working in Intergovernmental Settings;

Other Paths to International Practice;

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)


How to Break into the International NGO Field;

Planning for your Internship at an NGO;

Planning for your job at an NGO;

Narrative about working in non-governmental settings

International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurial Settings;

Narratives about Working in Entrepreneurial Settings;