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Above the Clouds


Despite the challenges of COVID-19 throughout the year, Law for Change Otago accomplished some great things in 2020. Read more about them here!

2020 Events

Justice is served

In collaboration with JustSpeakNZ, this event was a highlight of our year.

Run in collaboration with Just Speak as part of their Civic Dinners, Justice is Served was an evening event designed to open a kо̄rero around our current justice landscape. Beginning with abstracted anecdotes from those who have experienced the justice system first hand, facilitators engaged students in creating an imagination space for unpacking our collective vision of justice through a values-based lens. We then grounded this vision in the reality of systemic oppressions, namely racism, here in Aotearoa, before confronting the foundations of white privilege and the centrality of Pakeha culture. Students left educated, challenged, and empowered to start the work of decentering whiteness and engaging in their own kо̄reros with their friends and whānau. The event took place in small groups, in which everyone felt safe to share their own stories and thoughts. Kо̄rero’s were founded on kindness, compassion and curiosity, and strength in our diverse lived experiences. Food was of course provided to nourish the students and create a warm atmosphere.


"The Justice is Served event was an insightful and unique way to address the justice system in Aotearoa New Zealand. We were facilitated through scenarios that came from real-life experiences of people in our communities - this provided us with grounding, and a space to finally think about the justice system in terms of people, rather than statistics. The conversations that were provoked, along with the ideas, feelings and suggestions were incredibly powerful. I look forward to the next event like this - being forced to address the hard and unfavourable situations is something we all need to engage in."

—  Hannah Morgan, Law Student, attendee of 'Justice is Served'

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